How I can help

Life's hiccups are opportunistic cracks in the firmament of our lives. The coaching and spiritual counseling profession has been called into being by these and similar challenges in our complex contemporary society. A coach/spiritual counselor provides an individual with the opportunity to move forward, through powerful questioning, acute listening, guidance and a map for real action, towards a new perspective and ultimate personal evolution. On a practical level, a coach/spiritual counselor works as a one to one guide helping to develop a keen awareness of one's process. The interfacing (communicating not only on an auditory level but also through sensory data, mood shifts, pace, energy, emotion and reaction to environment) that takes place between client and coach/spiritual counselor is an exploration of values and a cultivation of a deep sense of self, without which it is difficult to find true fulfillment and meaning. An open trusting relationship is crucial to this exploration. Without judgment one can learn as much from failure as from accomplishment.

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The process

Together we will break down and map out all the different areas of your life. We will examine all the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts in those areas.  Then one by one we will discover, explore and heal the stories that fuel these negative beliefs and then create new thoughts that serve you and your highest expression as an expansive creative being.


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